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Name:The Intolerable Clock: A Non-Canon Hexarchate RPG
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a non-canon hexarchate rpg
a non-canon hexarchate RPG

The hexarchate is a star-spanning polity of monstrosities small and great, where consensus reality is enforced not just by a rigid police state but by the ritual torture of "heretics" on state holidays. Lately it is not just wracked by internal dissent but by the discovery of rifts in time and space through which people from other worlds appear.

You are one of a hardy group of people--whether from the hexarchate (or heptarchate) itself, a foreign state, or another world in the multiverse entirely--who have gathered with the explicit goal of destroying the hexarchate by going back in time and preventing its creation, or otherwise seeding its destruction.

The question is, can you succeed before the hexarchate's agents catch on and eliminate you?

- List of current characters.
- Handy index of important posts.


- Familiarity with the hexarchate setting is strongly recommended. However, the game is non-canon (the hexarchate setting has no time travel, sorry) and all material created by players is their own.

- NEW [7/4/2017]: All approved players should join the community as members, as there may occasionally be member-only posts for OOC discussion.

- NEW: All players are required to be 18 or older. NSFW sexually explicit content is permitted (not required), but must be posted under access lock.

- Format: posts/comments in this DW community. I ask that you include any supplemental information that other players would find helpful [in brackets], e.g.

She shuffles the deck of jeng-zai cards, then draws out a Drowned General.

[Jeng-zai is a card game from the hexarchate that is a little like a cross between poker and mahjong, and people use it both for gambling and fortunetelling. The Drowned General is one of the unluckier cards. Her expression as she does this is mournful, if you know to look for it.]

- Players should commit to posting twice a week.

- The GM will post at least once a week to give players more information on their situations--in particular, any special effects that they should take into account (the current rules of magic/calendrical effects of the week).

- Characters may come from any point in the hexarchate/heptarchate's timeline, or from another setting, or be original, so long as they fit into the scenario. You are welcome to submit canon-divergence AU versions of existing characters due to the influence of time travel.

- While the hexarchate is a pretty nasty place, no torture will happen to characters unless the player(s) agree upon it beforehand. There will be no sexual violence. (Non-graphic references to past incidents in backstory are permitted.)

- Character write-ups and moves will be public and viewable to all, including other players, with the exception of NSFW posts, which will be locked. Players are encouraged to discuss their goals for a given scene or interaction with each other so they can help each other reach those goals for their characters (example: I want my character to get badly wounded in a group firefight, so I arrange for another player's character to come to my character's aid too late, cue hurt/comfort).

- Characters are encouraged to invent setting details and NPCs as they need them. This is a non-canon multiverse, go to town. Unless there are special circumstances, it should be assumed that new setting details and NPCs are free for any player's use as well as the GM's.

- If an issue arises in the game, please bring it privately to the GM (yoon at yoonhalee dot com).



NOTE: Player applications are now closed, sorry!

All player applications should be posted as comments to the Player Application Post.

Player name or handle:

RPG DW account (if separate):

How can we get in touch with you? (email, DW messaging, other):

Character name:

One-paragraph (100 words) summary of your character.

NOTE: In the following section, limit your answers to up to 100 words per question.

How did your character first learn of the hexarchate?

Why did your character join this rebellion?

What would make your character consider giving up the cause?
(Note for this and further questions: Tell me things that you're willing to have happen in the game. I may go this far with your character. I will not go further. What I'm asking for is story/character hooks.)

Name something your character does not want to lose.

Name something your character would die for.

Name something your character would kill for.

Who is your character's best friend?

Describe your character's perfect partner (romantic or friend or coworker, your choice).

What is your character's secret dream or desire, the one they've never told anyone?

How will your character die?
(NOTE: I will not kill your character unless you pre-arrange it with me, but I may put you in a dangerous situation based on this.)

Does your character have any powers that the hexarchate would consider "exotic" (magical)?

What do you (the player) enjoy most in an RPG?


You have 500 words to tell me anything else you want me and the other players to know about your character. Do it here.

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hexarchate, machineries of empire, ninefox gambit, raven stratagem, rpg
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